Dressing Tips that Can Boost Your Career

“Power dressing” is the constant battlecry of career minded people that enables them to shop for the best clothes to wear for work. It’s not a free pass to shop til you drop, because budget constraints may hinder; but it does need you to be a little more generous in terms of your clothing budget for a piece of suit or corporate-approved work. Getting started on dressing up properly is the hard part, but here are some clothing tips to get you started and get you ahead!

You can never go wrong with black slacks – Invest in a form-fitting black slacks. Slacks or trousers are unisex and can be worn with almost anything. Make sure it fits your lower body well, not baggy and not too tight either. A lot of the cheap slacks have bad fits and cuts. It’s important to find quality fabric and stitching work too!

For a career that’s smooth sailing as silk – If you want to step up to more than just a drab button down polo, why not invest in a silk shirt?  Silk shirts, when worn correctly as office clothes, epitome a kind of stylish professionalism. Do get a silk shirt that has a subtle silk gleam, but check that it’s not too shiny and distracting. Get it in basic corporate colours: blue or dark blue, white, cream, black or grey.

Don’t be afraid to  A lot of people think that they can just skip this and go back to their comfort zones of well-worn jeans and shirts or hoodies but there’s a whole lot of reason why you should “dress for the career you want.


Beauty, elegance and understated impact with Burberry Bags

Burberry is the brand of choice for those who want the bag that is tasteful yet stuns people to appreciate its beauty. Women can never go wrong with a Burberry bag, especially knowing that it is the bag of choice with many celebrities in Hollywood. The face of Burberry has been the most elegant of women and men, including Emma Watson and Cara Delevinge, Romeo Beckham and Eddie Redmayne.

Choosing Burberry Handbags, especially the Burberry Shimmer Hobo handbag has the most stunning metallic sparkles that shimmer with the light, and it is trimmed with leather all over the bag. It has a top-zip closure made of no-rust metal, along with a protective metal feet to prevent dirtying the bottom of the bag. The price for this hobo handbag is priced at more than $1,000, which may be a bit steep for others, but this bag is an investment in itself.

A Burberry handbag is something that not even the most discerning of fashion leader would snub. It expresses a woman’s vibrant personality yet retains its elegance that no other bag can equal.

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