Summer Fails

Ok lads, it’s that time of year – the sunshine has come out to say hello and therefore so have the epic summer fashion disasters. Don’t worry though – we’re here to steer you through them, just stick to these five summer fashion rules and you won’t go wrong, we promise…

1) Socks and sandals. Just don’t do it.

2) Getting your chest out or top off. Unless you are on a beach this isn’t allowed. Certainly not if sauntering down your local Highstreet.

3) Strange tan marks. We don’t care how drunk you were from the night before – think about what you’re wearing, or what your mates are writing in sun cream on your back when you’re asleep by the pool.

4) Hair. To be more precise – excess hair. In any place at all. Get rid, it’s just not fair and certainly won’t help you pull.

5) Speedos. This is the most important one – unless you look like this man, avoid avoid avoid.

Break this summer fashion rules at your peril lads…. Enjoy!

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