What to Wear on a Date

Ah, the (sometimes) wonderful world of dating. It can be a bit of a minefield, littered with unspoken rules, dos and don’ts, some very awkward silences and the anxiety of whether to go for a kiss at the end of the night and most importantly… what to wear on a date.

Whilst we might not be able to give you a tonne of advice on how to play the dating game, we can certainly help you look the part, and first impressions count!

Ok, so you’ve met a lovely lass, asked her out and she said yes! Next step, what to do? We reckon you can’t go too far wrong if you pick your favourite bar for a couple of cocktails before whisking her off to your favourite restaurant. Finally, you’re wondering what to wear on a first date. This sort of date requires a smarter look. We recommend some neat navy chinos paired with a fresh printed shirt, this one features a micro paisley pattern, brought out by the navy chinos. This is a fool proof date outfit, it shows you have an eye for detail and the print adds a little personality to the look. Be sure to add the ultimate date staple – a blazer! This will look super smart without going OTT, and will show you’re a smart guy but not a fashion slave or a try-hard.

So, the first date went well, the conversation was flowing, you walked her home like the chivalrous gent you are and she even planted a smacker on your cheek. You gave her a playful wink as you swaggered off up the road and the next day you give her a text and arrange to meet up again. The second date is a lot less pressured than the first. You can afford to loosen up a bit, do something a little more casual like a walk in the park and coffee or catching a gig.

You’re second date look can reflect the more casual environment. Pull on a pair of your favourite skinny jeans and a cool printed t-shirt, this tattoo print tee would work really well as it’s monochrome so not too loud, but it also shows a bit of an edge and is far from dull! You don’t want to go straight from super suave to extremely casual within one date so we recommend keeping the blazer in the mix. Pull that versatile bad-boy on over your printed tee to smarten up your second date outfit, and once you’re feeling relaxed you can take it off and swing it over one shoulder, nonchalantly, as you take your fair lady’s hand and wonder off into the sunset after a terrific second date.

Give yourself a pat on the back for being an awesome guy who has totally nailed this dating malarkey, and give us a thumbs up for providing some super stylish tips that made that all important, excellent first impression!

But what about the women, what are you going to wear on your first date? The best thing to do is jump online and have a look at your favourite brands and stores to see if anything jumps out at you. Stores like PrettyLittleThing have a great range for you to look through and you can find great deals using Groupon offers so you can save money on your favourite styles.

There is no right or wrong when picking your first date outfit, feeling comfortable, confident and happy is key so make sure you ae happy and if he is the right guy (or she is the right girl) then it won’t even matter what you are wearing.

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